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What is a title company responsible for?

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

A title must be free of issues and clear for the seller to legally transfer the title over to the buyer.

A Title company ensures the title of the residential or commercial real estate property you are interested is permitted to be transfer by the rightful owner(s).

A Title company act as combined agent for the insurance company, the buyer and the seller. The Title company is responsible to review title to facilitate a real estate property closing. Primarily, their duty is to make certain there are no issues with the title of a real estate property.

Title Experts of South Florida is committed to offering clients the highest levels of protection to their real estate investment. Our goal is to ensure a real estate title clear from encumbrances and provide a smooth real estate title closing within a promptly reasonable time.

A title company serve as an escrow officer to ensure monies are being lawfully ready for the scheduled closing, it ensures all documents between the seller and buyer are served, signed and recorded. Title Experts of South Florida is always available to answer questions throughout the entire real estate closing process, from the moment a customer chooses a residential or commercial property to the moment the sale is complete. We make sure everything is in order. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

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